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Haja Networks
Distributed and Decentralized Tech for a Future Internet

Currently building OrbitDB, “a scalable and trustless peer-to-peer database, and database protocols for a global data layer to re-decentralize the web.”

Token metrics

Not public

Market opportunity/Competitive analysis

Hard to tell at this stage.


Competitive Advantage

Hard to tell at this stage since it’s pre-tokenomics

Tokenomics and Token Utility

  • N/A (Seed round, no tokenomics)



github stats 806 commits, 1198 stars, 114 forks, 141 issues, 243 pull requests. 🤩! Probably the most active git repo I’ve seen in crypto in a long time.

github issues All the open issues on Github seem to be from active users of the project. The frequency of new issues is pretty high, and all the issues older than 2 weeks ago have productive discussion. Clearly a very active project with a large dev community.

github contributors

There are 239 closed / 4 open pull requests. Let’s see who’s making all these updates. I missed this earlier, but this repo was started in Dec 20, 2015, and it’s been consistently active throughout it’s lifetime. Haad and Friedel Ziegelmayer are the major contributors. Notably, Friedel is the #2 most productive contributor to the Karma project, one of the most popular Javascript testing tools available. Additionally, he’s in the top 3 contributors for js-ipfs, the Javascript implementation of the IPFS protocol, also with significant active users.

  • Note: neither Haad nor Ziegelmayer are listed as team members on Linkedin.
  • Project has continuous integration set up, running these tests. They look fairly comprehensive, testing replication and stress. This shows that this isn’t some project that was just hacked together.
  • Because this project has genuine community support/usage and solid experience indicators already (eg. the proven contributors, the comprehensive testing, the comprehensive READMEs), a deeper dive into the code has diminishing returns on the usefulness of this evaluation.

Team members githubs

  • I couldn’t find any official team member contributions to open-source projects. Hopefully Haad and Friedel Ziegelmayer (mentioned above) are on the team / will join the team full time!

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